Multi-Touch Comes to the T-Mobile G1

While Palm wasn't afraid to add multi-touch support to the Palm Pre, some have theorized the reason we haven't seen that feature added to Windows Mobile or Android is caution over possible litigation. But the openness of Android gives developers an edge over more closed platforms, and one enterprising developer has added multi-touch to the T-Mobile G1.

In fact, people have been saying for months that both Android and the T-Mobile G1 hardware have low-level support for multi-touch. And while this isn't the someone has demo'ed multi-touch on the G1, you can actually enable it yourself on your own G1.

However, as Luke Hutchison says, this is proof-of-concept. And, quite honestly, you'll likely void your warranty and possibly brick your G1. This is definitely not just a load-and-run type of installation.

It also doesn't work everywhere, but this is just the first release and he'll be working on optimizing it.

Too technophobe-ish to try it yourself? Enjoy the video below.