mSpot Introduces Cloud Music Storage Service

Cloud-based services have come a long way recently, with tons of companies looking to faraway storage portals in order to host applications, files, media, you name it. Google's entire office suite is hosted in the cloud (you save a Gdoc, it saves "somewhere" that can be accessed only via the Internet), and Microsoft's new KIN feature-phones save all images, etc. to a storage server off in the air. There's no question that cloud storage will be a huge part of our future, and while being able to stream your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists around the home is sure nice, wouldn't you love to do the same to your phone while out or traveling?

mSpot, which is a company already delivering digital movies to subscribers, has just announced their latest journey. Simply titled mSpot, the new cloud-based music storage service gives music lovers a way to sync their music library with the cloud, essentially uploading all of their MP3s onto mSpot's servers. Once they're there, a tiny background app runs in order to make sure the two libraries are synced. After mSpot has your music, you can then login from any PC/Mac that's connected to the Web, or any Android phone, in order to access that music free-and-clear. Future smartphone support should be coming, but Google's mobile OS is getting the royal treatment at first.

The only small note is that service is limited to around 2GB of storage for free; if you have more music than that, you'll have to pay $2.99/month for 10GB of storage or $4.99/month for 20GB. If you have more than that, the service becomes a bit less useful for you. The service should open to the public next month.

mSpot – New Music Cloud Service Connects You with Your Music, Anytime, via SmartPhone and Web
Invitation-Only, Private Beta Offered at Google IO Conference

Google IO Conference, San Francisco and Palo Alto (May 19, 2010)-Popular mobile entertainment provider mSpot, Inc., today debuts mSpot®, a free music cloud service that offers instant access to your entire music collection synced across smartphones* and PCs/Macs. The service enables you to quickly upload your music into the mSpot Cloud, where you can start listening to it from popular desktop browsers and cell phones immediately.

The service includes a smart application that operates in the background of your computer managing the upload and day-to-day syncing of your music library. In addition, it can upload playlists, coverart, ratings and song information you may have entered using iTunes or Windows Media Player. The application manages your music for you, making automatic updates whenever changes occur in your library, and across different connected devices.

Access to the private beta is available by invitation only at Public availability of the service will begin in June, 2010.

"We recognize that portability is key to a compelling music experience for consumers, and the biggest challenge for music cloud services to tackle today. mSpot has spent the past five years perfecting its proprietary over-the-air delivery technology so music plays from the cloud so fast it feels local - even when cell coverage is spotty or non-existent," said mSpot CEO Daren Tsui.

mSpot provides a rich, "connected" experience that enables you to see related content matched to the song that's being played, including song lyrics, artist bios and discography - all because you are connected to the mSpot Cloud. mSpot enables you to take your music wherever you go, automatically syncing with different devices in such a seamless way that it feels like your music is following you: simple, fast and easy.

*The service will initially be offered on the latest Android phones.

The launch of the mSpot® music service comes on the heels of its Mobile Movies service, which is available via the mobile web on all four major U.S. carriers and across 50 different handset devices, including the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile and many high-end feature phones. mSpot Movies is available on the Web and mobile at
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