mSpot Brings Live Movie Streaming To Smartphone Users

Despite the fact that broadband providers are doing their best to cap monthly Web use and charge us for every kilobyte we consume, we highly doubt streaming is going anywhere. And with a huge push for Net Neutrality currently going on in Washington, you can bet you'll hear of more options similar to mSpot.

For now, however, mSpot looks to be a great option in and of itself. In short, it allows smartphone owners with data plans from Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T to stream live films to the phones on-demand. Users can start, pause and re-start films whenever, and so long as their phone's browser can access, they can watch new release (and older titles, too) films right on their phone.

The great thing here is that unlike an app in Apple's App Store or the Android Marketplace, mSpot isn't limited to a single phone or platform. If your smartphone has an unlimited data plan and a web browser, you can join in. That means iPhone, Pre, G1, Touch Pro2 and Omnia users can all indulge, not to mention the litany of other smartphone users with handsets that aren't in the news as much.

By using a credit card, users can rent films for $4.99 each, and at least for now, mSport has agreements with Paramount Studios and Universal Studios Home Entertainment that grant them the rights to allow streaming movies, as well as access to both new releases and past movies.  The company is hoping to land more deals soon, but there should be plenty in there for now to get you started. So, who's bringing the popcorn?