MSI's AM2+ Motherboards Support AM3 Processors

Obviously, MSI's latest AM3 Gaming Series Motherboards are completely ready to handle AMD's Phenom II processors, but what about those of you still limping by with one of the company's AM2+ mobos? In an announcement that will undoubtedly make your day, MSI has made absolutely clear that its AMD AM2+ series of motherboards will indeed support the all new Phenom II CPUs.

In order to make your board compatible, you simply need to apply a BIOS update. That's it. No new hardware. No soldering. No switching of DIP switches. Just a BIOS update. As you well know, the AM3 processors check in with higher frequencies, fast L3 cache, support for both DDR3 and DDR2 memory, new C1E energy saving functionality and an "advanced architecture also enhances its overclocking prowess."

For a complete look at MSI mainboards and what BIOS is needed in order to support AMD's Phenom II line, point your browser in this direction.