MSI Wind U135 Netbook Gets Intel Atom N450, Fancy Paint

CES 2010 hasn't even begun yet, but you wouldn't be able to tell judging by the amount of buzz going on currently in the laptop arena. Shortly after Intel pulled the covers away from their Atom N450 processor, we're already seeing the first few netbooks get announced with that very chip within.

The latest to take the leap is MSI, who just unwrapped its new Special Edition Wind U135. The machine is essentially an updated version of the U130, sporting a new Color Film paint and Intel's newest Pinetrail-based platform. Windows 7 is naturally included, as is certification from the International WiMAX forum. You'll still get a chiclet keyboard, 20% larger touchpad, longer battery life and Intel's GMA3150 graphics.

Other specs include an NM10 Express Chipset, 2GB of DDR2-667 RAM, a 10" (1024x600) display, 160GB or 250GB 2.5" hard drive, no optical drive, a 4-in-1 multi-format card reader, 3 or 6-cell battery, 1.3MP webcam, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.0 and Windows 7 Starter edition. There's no mention of a price or release date, but we're guessing early 2010.

Wind Millions Special Edition: Created for You with Stylish Refinement

Exceptionally Stylish Character: MSI Wind U135 and U130 both have extraordinary styling, incorporating elements from trendy global products. The outer shell is treated with MSI's exclusive Color Film Print coating and features flowing silver lines and rippling water designs to create the U135 in four dazzling colors: Refined Silver, Wind Dancer Black, Trendy Blue, and Cherry Red. The U130 comes in two all-new standard colors: Angelic White and Wind Dancer Black. The U135 and U130, with their sparkling high-end feel, are also scratch-resistant and stay looking new after long periods of use.

Attention to Detail, Original Taste: The U135 and U130 continue the outstanding tradition of MSI U Series netbooks. With an exterior as light as it is sharp and an efficient 10" LED backlit display with 1024 x 600 screen resolution, web pages and documents can be viewed more easily in richer, more beautiful color. In addition, these two models do away with the straight lines and angles of tech products, employing graceful curves and arched designs that flow together in harmony. Underneath, the subtle three-dimensional material not only has practical anti-slip properties, but its luminous presence also adds contrasting layers that reveal detail and extraordinary, original styling.

Absolute Comfort & A Perfect User Experience

MSI’s Exclusive Chiclet Keyboard: MSI's focuses on detail and is devoted to providing consumers with the most comfortable user experience. The Wind U135 features MSI's exclusive Chiclet keyboard that uses an independent key design for more stable, quiet operation. At the same time, it gives the U135's exterior a more exquisite and artistic exterior that creates a sense of particular quality.

20% Wider Touch Pad: For the new generation Wind U135, MSI has specially incorporated a wider touch pad. A 20% larger surface area allows for easier finger movement. It is also a striking design symbol that helps these two models provide an even more flawless and comfortable user experience. Overall quality also results in a nimbler and more aesthetically pleasing presence.

Ultra-Long Battery Life*

The Newest Intel® ATOMTM processor N450: The Wind U135 and U130 both use the newest Intel® ATOMTM processor N450 and a new generation single chipset architecture that provides extremely low consumption of 7 watts, increasing battery life by 15% and overall performance by 10%!

Exclusive MSI ECO Engine Technology: An efficient LED display and MSI's exclusive ECO Engine technology are even more capable of bringing the new generation Intel® ATOMTM processor N450's special qualities into play and effectively increasing the time these netbooks can be used. With ECO Engine technology, users can choose from 5 power supply modes–Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Document and Turbo Battery–to customize the power supply based on user requirements. This flexible allocation of power during use extends endurance to its limits and gives the U135 and U130 all-day, uninterrupted, ultra-long battery life.

*Actual battery performance depends on operating circumstances and user settings.

The Extreme Limit of Current Generation Mobile Technology

International WiMAX Forum Certification: The U135 and U130 are not just nimble, smart, and stylish; they also include the latest current generation technologies. Both models support 3.5G WiMAX communication technologies (optional) and they are the first netbook products on the market with the new generation Intel® ATOMTM processor N450 that have received International WiMAX Forum Certification.

802.11 b/g/n WLAN: What's more, these two models also have built-in 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, 1.3MP webcams, V2.0 EDR Bluetooth, stereo speakers, and microphones. Plus, MSI's exclusive Easy Face, Webcam Companion, Visual Effect2, and Print Creation software applications all help make your mobile computing lifestyle more exciting and convenient.
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