MSI Talks Up Hardware X-Fi Decoding On Mobos

Here lately, MSI has definitely been on the notebook kick. Day after day, we've seen new laptop after new laptop emerge to fit pretty much every budget and every wish list. Today, however, the company is breaking from the norm to talk up its sound equipment; more specifically, its X-Fi-enabled motherboards.

MSI asserts that of all the mainboards on the market now that are implementing Creative's X-Fi audio technology, it is the only one left who insists on utilizing a true hardware decoder solution. In other words, its products come loaded with a Creative DSP, DAC and ADC audio decoder chip as well as its optimized Creative software solution. MSI takes aim at its rivals by asserting that "many manufacturers on the market" are claiming that X-Fi is "included" while only relying on the common HD Audio codec and not the aforementioned hardware components.

We can't say for sure if this is just overblown marketing speak at some level, but at least you can count on getting the best integrated audio with MSI boards, right? Give the Via link a look for more specifics on which MSI boards are really, honestly and truly X-Fi approved.