MSI Rumored To Introduce $500 Tegra-Based Tablet This Year

MSI had a relatively large showing at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and while their new desktops and notebooks were certainly interesting, it's the tablet that has us most on edge. And understandably so, given that 2010 looks to be the year that the tablet gets another chance at life, this time with things like Apple's A4 and NVIDIA's Tegra 2 as the wind behind the sails.

According to a report at DigiTimes, MSI is expected to launch a "Tegra-based" (no word on Tegra 1 or Tegra 2) tablet PC in the second quarter of this year, and just like Apple's iPad, this one will be priced around $500. Reportedly, that's the word from company sales director Sambora Chen. What's unusual about this to us is the $500 price point. Apple's iPad was seen as fairly expensive for what it could do, and now it looks like all the competitors that will follow will be selling their own tablets for about the same price. Are people really interested in paying more for a tablet with no physical keyboard than a full-fledged netbook? Guess time will tell.

Either way, the MSI tablet that was shown at CES (which we assume will be the same one that ships later this year) is really gorgeous. Clean lines, lots of screen real estate and a sleek enclosure. Still, tablets had their chance years ago--does the world feel like giving them another go?
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