MSI Reveals New MSI U Series Notebooks

MSI unveiled its new Wind U180 and Wind U270 notebooks at Computex 2012. The Wind U180 netbook features Intel's latest generation Cedar Trail platform with the option of the new generation dual-core Intel Atom N2800 processor. The Wind U180 is available with a "minimalist black", "angel white," or a lavender chassis.

You'll find AMD's new Brazos 2.0 processor in the Wind U270 which helps to enable a battery life of up to eight hours. The U270's APU processor supports DirectX 11. The cover of the Wind U270 features layered tones. Both the Wind U180 and U270 come with a Chiclet keyboard.

Computex 2012-New MSI U Series notebooks--if high mobility is a priority

MSI will be unveiling its all-new powerful and light Wind U180 and Wind U270 laptops. Chic and highly portable, like "ride with the wind", the Wind U180 comes with Intel's latest generation Cedar Trail platform with spunky yet power-saving ATOM processor under the hood, while the Wind U270 features AMD's new Brazos 2.0 processor which boasts processing and display performance capabilities superior to the earlier generation as well as up to eight hours of battery power--ideal for people on the go. And the MSI TDE overclocking technology lets you throttle up processing performance. These machines are the ideal fusion of contemporary style and powerful technology.

Intel's Atom processor: The stylish MSI Wind U180 netbook comes optional with the new generation dual-core Intel Atom N2800 processor with advanced 32nm-based process which works in conjunction with the Intel NM10 high-speed chip set. It not only effectively enhances processor and overall system performance by more than 20% over previous generation netbooks, it also supports DDR3 system memory, while using much less power than the earlier platform. This new generation netbook brings high performance under the hood of a lean, mean, beautifully constructed machine.

New AMD APU architecture processor: The Wind U270 features AMD's new generation dual core Brazos 2.0 processor. In addition to packing x86 architecture core, the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) processor which supports DirectX 11, offering powerful processing and display performance on par with discrete graphics cards.

Chic, slim, light exterior: The Wind U180's ultra slim, ultra light netbook sports a unique display axle and offers you a choice of minimalist black, angel white or lavender chassis protected. The palm-placement areas are sheathed in an attractive gleaming cover which adds to the overall elegance of the MSI Wind U180. With its design, the cover of the Wind U270 exudes an artistic feel, while the layered tones accentuate the unparalleled elegance of this chic machine. In addition to giving the U180 and U270 a character all its own, MSI's color film print protects it against scratching and wear. The Wind U180 and U270 also come with an attractive independent Chiclet keyboard for a nice, solid feel when you type.