MSI Releases N260GTX Lightning Video Card

Today, MSI released the N260GTX Lightning graphics card. This latest offering from MSI looks to be aimed squarely at the hardcore graphics card overclocking enthusiast.

Noteworthy features of the
N260GTX Lightning include "Military Class" components, 1792MB of memory, Twin Frozr cooling, and MSI's "AirForce Panel" that allows access to overclocking features via a panel mounted in an available 5.25" drive bay. To further facilitate overclocking, V-check contact points for measuring GPU and memory voltage (with a Multimeter) are located near the edge of the graphics cards PCB.

"Military Class" components
MSI utilizes "Military Class" solid capacitors that they claim deliver 2.5 times the lifespan of normal solid capacitors. Ultra High stability Hi-C capacitors feature the ability to withstand 20% higher temperatures.

Industries first 10 Phase PWM
The MSI N260GTX Lightning is the first graphics card to employ a 10 Phase PWM. 8 Phases are dedicated to supplying power to the GPU while 2 Phases supply the memory.

Double the memory
MSI has doubled the memory on the N260GTX Lightning to 1792MB of GDDR3 with a GPU/Memory frequency ratio of 680/2100MHz*.

AirForce Panel for overclocking ease
MSI's AirForce Panel is included with the N260GTX Lightning Black Edition and puts overclocking features right on the front of your case. In addition to providing voltage and clock setting adjustments the AirForce Panel includes selectable profiles for office work, gaming, and whatever task you may decide.

Twin Frozr cooling solution
The MSI N260GTX Lightning's dual fan Twin Frozr throttles the fans depending on the graphics cards cooling needs under differing loads. This enables the fans to run ultra quiet under a normal load and increases the fans speeds when gaming or during other GPU intensive activities.

Stream Processor
Core Clock
Stream Processor Clock                   
Memory Clock
Memory Size
Memory Bus
DirectX Version
OpenGL Version
Special Packing
AirForce Panel
216 units
680 MHz*
1458 MHz*
2100 MHz*
1792MB GDDR3
448 bits
DirectX 10
OpenGL 2.1
Below 225W
N260GTX Lightning Black Edition only
N260GTX Lightning Black Edition only

*The limited black edition is shipped with factory default frequencies of GPU: 650MHz/Memory: 2000 MHz, these figures were reached using the AirForce panel with game settings set at the highest level.

The N260GTX Lightning is available in the standard edition and the N260GTX Lighting Black Edition which includes the AirForce panel and a "special weapon style packing".