MSI Plays Above the Rim, Bundles NBA 2K11 with Select Graphics Cards

The NBA playoffs are underway, and if you're a basketball fan, there's been plenty to keep you entertained. Last night, for example, the Boston Celtics again edged out the New York Knicks for a 2-0 series lead on their way to an 18th championship (that's right, we just predicted the Celtics will go all the way), the Orlando Magic Magic took revenge on the Atlanta Hawks and tied the series at 1-1, and Dallas took a 2-0 lead over Portland despite Dallas having previously only won two out of the 18 playoff games in which referee Danny Crawford was present. And that was just one night of playoffs action.

If that's the sort of thing that excites you, then you're a tech head who also loves sports, and in particular basketball. Lucky for you, when the playoffs end, you can still get your roundball fix courtesy of MSI, which inked an agreement with 2KSports to offer an exclusive bundle of NBA 2K11 with select graphics cards.

It doesn't matter if you roll AMD or Nvidia, and whether you're looking for a mid-range or high-end graphics card, chances are you'll find an applicable SKU. More details and eligible cards can be found here.