MSI MegaPC 865 PRO, No Scratch DVD Discs, and more!

Hey everyone :) Yes, I've taken time during this beautiful day to sit in front of a computer and post up some news. See how nice I am? Alright then, let's get to it. If you happen to be reading this with the help of a GeForce 6 or 7 series video card, then your in luck. Hardware Secrets as put up an article showing you how to enable the 2D enhancements for the GPU. I'll try this later, but for now I'm off to the driving range. Enjoy!

Data Backup Solutions Guide - How To Protect Your Files @ The TechZone

"We often don't consider how fragile our computer data really is. Do you keep sensitive information on your computer that you would be upset if you lost it? Not sure? Consider this. If I told you that I was going to format your hard drive right now and you will lose all of the information on your computer, would you be ready? Or would you need to get a few files first... If you are in the second group, chances are you don't have a proper data backup solution in place to help you handle disasters."

Kingwin AquaStar AS-3000 Review @ Club Overclocker

"As water cooling moves out of the garage and into the mainstream, we are seeing more and more major manufacturers embrace the water culture. With the AquaStar AS-3000, Kingwin brings its latest water solution to the masses. Is this the kit you have been looking for? We find out, here at the club."

MSI MegaPC 865 PRO @ t-break

"Powering up the MegaPC lights up all the buttons and the big LED screen that's a trademark of MegaPCs comes alive. MSI uses an orange backlight for the buttons and it certainly looks nice- although we must say that the days of LEDs are over and MSI should think about using a better display on the front."

More DVD Discs in Our Lab: Say "No" to Scratches! @ X-Bit labs

"Today we would like to take a closer look at the improvements of the DVD burning quality achieved due to TDK's new ScratchProof technology they started implementing for their DVD-R and DVD R discs. Is it a panacea against physical damages of the disc surface? Read more in our article!"

ECS KN1(1.0f) Extreme nVidia nForce4 Ultra Motherboard Review - Revision 2 @ Futurelooks

"It's the season for upgrades, and you're not sure what to get? Heck, it's always time to upgrade in the land of computers. Well, today we're checkin' out ECS's Extreme KN1! Quite possibly the best value in an nForce4 Ultra board on the planet!"

Steel Sound 5H Professional Gaming Headset USB Version Review @ XYZ Computing

"The USB version of the Steel Sound 5H headset is the same products as the standard edition, though it has a few extras. Instead of writing the whole review over, this article is going to be an overview of the differences between the two versions. "

Intel Pentium XE 840 & Pentium D 840 @ Hardware Zone

"Intel's dual-core 'Smithfield' processors are here and we have extensive benchmarks to show its performance. Find out why we think the Pentium D is the better choice and that the Pentium XE 840 is a disappointment."

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