MSI Lays Claim to World's First Windows 8 Certified All-in-One PCs

Now that Windows 8 is just around the corner and already in the hands of OEMs, let the race begin for companies to yell, "First!" Count MSI among them, which claims its Wind Top AE2281G and Wind Top AE2081 desktops are the first all-in-one (AIO) PCs on the planet to receive Windows 8 certification. What does that mean for consumers?

"With the Approved-status in the Windows hardware certification report for the MSI AE2281G and AE2081, the user can be guaranteed to run the Windows 8 operating system smoothly on his All-in-One PC," MSI says.

MSI Wind Top AIO

What it really boils down to is bragging rights, as you can expect a number of Windows 8-based PCs to be ready when the touch-friendly OS launches to the general public on October 26. As for MSI's machines, both AIO desktops sport 3rd Generation Intel Core processors (Ivy Bridge), while the AE2281G also boasts Nvidia GeForce GT630M graphics.