MSI Launches StarCam Flip Webcam/Biz Card Reader

MSI's spent the bulk of its time of late pumping out new graphics cards and drool worthy notebooks. We have to say, it's latest product is somewhat of a letdown in comparison to those other items, but it's still interesting to say the least. The flagship StarCam Flip webcam handles all the typical webcam tasks -- video chats, quick mugshots, etc. -- but it also includes something that most rivals dont't. Read for this? A business card reader.

Believe it or not, the USB-enabled device not only includes a 2MP sensor, a high quality microphone and a flexible neck, but it also scans business cards. MSI claims that this is the planet's first webcam that has PenPower business card recognition software's exclusive authorization. The user only needs to perform three simple steps to capture a business card's information: "Capture, Recognition, and Correction." Once scanned in, the capture can be immediately transferred to a contact management system (such as Outlook).


There's no word on pricing or availability, but we're going out on a limb and assuming it'll be rather affordable.
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