MSI Launches Android Overclocking Utility For Graphics Cards

MSI announced a new application for Android devices that will let you monitor and overclock your graphics card directly from your smartphone or tablet using a Wi-Fi connection. The new MSI Afterburner App lets users monitor core temperature, frequency, memory clock speed, fan speed, and CPU and memory usage. In addition, the Afterburner App’s calibration functions let users see information about the graphics card’s core, frequency, and fan speed in real time. Gamers can also adjust display card settings while playing multi-screen 3D games.

MSI Launches it's Afterburner App, the World's First Android Overclocking Utility for Graphics Cards.

Turn Cellphones and Tablets into Overclocking and Monitoring Devices

[Taipei, Taiwan] Leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI, has released the world's first overclocking software utility for Android systems: MSI Afterburner App. MSI Afterburner app allows you to monitor and overclock your graphics card anytime, anywhere.; MSI Afterburner App can even overclock and overvoltage. Whether it is extreme overclocking, gaming, audiovisual or even scientific computing, users will be able to use Android handheld devices like smartphones and tablets to their graphics cards. Rush to the Android Market to download your copy of Afterburner App to experience the fun and convenience of wireless overclocking! 

Transform your smartphone or tablet into an Overclocking controller

The Afterburner App overclocking utility was co-developed by MSI and well-known software programmer Nick Connors. Not only has the app eliminated the need to be physically present at the computer to adjust the graphics card, it has also replaced the mouse, the keyboard and even the external monitor and overclocking panel. With a Wi-Fi connection, users will be able to monitor the core temperature, frequency, memory clock speed, fan speed and even CPU and memory usage as well as a host of other useful information anywhere and anytime. More importantly, Afterburner Apps calibration functions allow the display of the graphics cards core, frequency and fan speed in real time. Even the highly praised triple overvoltage of Afterburner is available in its entirety within the Afterburner App, putting graphics card information right at a users fingertips!

Access and control graphics cards to perform calibration at the optimal moment

With the Afterburner App, extreme enthusiasts can use a mobile handset to monitor frequency /temperature/voltage data in real time and fine-tune key parameters for specific test scenarios. This detailed tuning ability allows overclockers to push the performance of their graphics card to its limit and breaking records effortlessly. Gamers can also perform simultaneous adjustments on display cards while playing multi-screen 3D games, thus making the games visual experience realistic and smooth and keeping performance at its maximum level. Users who employ the GPU to carry out scientific computing projects such as Folding@home are not tied to their computers, either. As long the handheld devices are connected to the computers, they will be able to monitor operating status of graphics cards. The Afterburner App does indeed bring a great deal of convenience and flexibility to anyone with a graphics card.

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