MSI Intros 790FX/790GX Winki Edition Mobos

After a brief hiatus to take care of some pressing notebook matters, MSI is back on the motherboard train. If you'll recall, the company introduced its first desktop-centric Instant-On operating system back at CeBIT, and now it's getting official with the first motherboards to ship with it included. The new AM3 790FX and 790GX mainboards are both labeled as "Winki Editions," which enable desktop users to enjoy the spoils of an Instant-On OS, much like notebook users have enjoyed for months.

Per usual, Winki will provide nearly instant access to a few main applications: Web page browsing, online chat/instant messaging, online phone calls (VoIP), and fast photo viewing. Additionally, the boards include APS (Active Phase Switching) technology that automatically adjusts the amount of power being supplied to key components. Said tech not only monitors the CPU to make power adjustments, but handles a whole range of PC components, including the memory and north bridge.

Back to Winki, users can expect a Web browser that supports Javascript, Open SSL and most other basic Web functions; not that we'd really try to do your taxes in there or anything, but it should suffice for a last-minute email check. The OS' integrated IM/online chat function includes MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, QQ, Google Talk and SIP, and those looking for Skype functionality will be pleased as well. Now, the real question: is any desktop user even interested in Instant-On functionality?