MSI Details Its Twin Frozr Cooling System

Heat is always a concern for any power system builder. To help meet the thermal dissipation demands of power users, MSI introduced its Twin Frozr thermal design. We originally learned about the Twin Frozr cooling system when it was first introduced with the N285GTX SuperPipe in March. Now, MSI is pushing the cooling system into the spotlight again by calling it one of the best designs available on the market today. According to MSI, what makes the Twin Frozr so special is its combination of fans, base, and heatpipes.

Resembling a turbo-propeller fighter concept, the Twin Frozr’s two fans are said to increase cooling efficiency by more than 50%. They also provide a good balance between performance and sound output since the fan speed can vary depending on the card’s temperatures. The heatsink of the Twin Frozr features a nickel-plated copper base and a large aluminum fin array. It also has five heatpipes for increased heat dissipation capabilities.

With its combination of fans, base, and heatpipes, the Twin Frozr thermal design outperforms similar reference design solutions from other manufacturers by almost 8 degrees Celsius, regardless if under low or high load.

The Twin Frozr system is currently available on Nvidia-based graphics cards. Specific models include the N285GTX SuperPipe 2G (OC), N285GTX SuperPipe (OC), N275GTX Twin Frozr (OC), N260GTX-T2D896 (OC), and N260GTX Lightning.