MSI Details Gaming and Entertainment Notebooks

MSI had no shortage of new products debut at CeBIT this past week, and in an effort to better bring into focus its comprehensive notebook line, the company has released an all encompassing release that highlights its professional G (Gaming) and multimedia E (Entertainment) families.

Among the six major MSI notebook product lines, the G and E lines cater to the power-hungry individuals who want an emphasis on superior processing speed, display effects and video resolution. The G Series in particular is honed to provide the best gaming experience possible, as evidenced by the components packed within the following machines.

All New Gaming Aesthetics – GX622/GX733
The all new gaming aesthetics model continues the unique fiery red color scheme of previous G series models, with red accents around the edges that symbolize the thrill of extreme speed. The brushed aluminum finish on the chassis further emphasizes its sense of style.

Speed and Power is King – GT628/GT725
A stylish chassis and fiery red colors combines contemporary flair with extreme speed to offer professional gamers with an all-new experience in gaming aesthetics. The GT628 and GT725 are each equipped with a stand-alone high-end nVidia Geforce GTS 160M graphics card (with 1GB of DDR3 graphics memory) or an stand-alone ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4850 graphics card (with 512MB of DDR3 graphics memory) to create awe-inspiring ultra-realistic visual effects. When gaming, this produces a smoother, more refined and more realistic high-quality 3D graphics so you can fun without the stutter.

An Epiphany in Fidelity – EX625
MSI's proprietary Cinema Pro technology can be activated with just one press of the dedicated Cinema Pro key. In Cinema Pro mode, the graphics become more detailed, the sound effects more vibrant, and there is even sub-woofer and Dolby Sound! The wave patterns bring a sense of calm and tranquility, while the all-new touch control shortcut keys outlined in light lines on a black mirror-finish background bring added depth. The streamlined front panel matches the design of the chassis perfectly to present a feel of exquisite quality through the use of cool tones.

The high performance EX625 boasts the ATI HD 4670, currently the most advanced Discrete Graphics Card on the market. The 3D mark can crank out a score of 7600. The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 (DDR3 512MB VRAM) is the leader in the new generation of Graphics card with more than twice the gaming power of the previous generation, reaching an optimal balance between multimedia performance, gaming power, and low power use. What’s more, it supports Microsoft DirectX® 10.1, the newest kid on the block. As to HD multimedia support, it utilizes AMD's second generation Unified Video Decoder (UVD), greatly reducing the processor's workload.

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