MSI Demos New Concept PCs

Although they're not quite ready for prime-time just yet, MSI gave us a glimpse at three new PCs the company is working on creating. The company believes the new systems could redefine the way customers interact with digital information within the home.

The first concept PC is a 3D All-in-One PC. To use this PC, you must wear wireless 3D glasses which deliver "the ultimate life-like gaming experience and 3D HD movie experience from the comfort of home with system's stunning 24-inch display."

Next up, MSI showed off a Sliding Screen All-in-One PC with LED Technology. This PC lets you slide the screen up and store the keyboard behind it when not in use, thereby saving desk space. The system also comes with a wireless mouse that can be used as a remote control or an IP phone.

Last, but not least, MSI demoed the MSI Projector PC. This full-featured PC replaces the traditional display of a computer with a built-in HD-quality projector. With this PC, you'll be able to view movies and other content up to 60 inches in size. The Projector PC is designed to project directly on a wall or screen. You can also rotate the unit 90 degrees and use the attachable stand to display images on the ceiling.

Although these PCs won't likely become reality for a little while, it's fun to see what MSI has in the works. Which model are you most interested in?