MSI Debuts Wind Box DC100

MSI is adding a new All-in-One PC to its Wind Box Series. The new Wind Box DC100 runs on the latest AMD Brazos platform E-450 1.65 GHz dual-core processor and A50M chipset. Other key features include AMD Radeon HD 6320 discrete class graphics, VGA and HDMI connectivity, and MSI's Smart Media Link and Smart Sync cloud computing technology. The Wind Box DC100 also features a slim, lightweight chassis that measures about 7.55 x 5.94 x 1.38 inches and weighs about 1.83 pounds.

MSI Wind Box DC100 Small, Simple, Smart -All-new fashionable mini PC

Eco-Chic Design plus Dual-core high performance

Taipei – MSI, the world-leading All-in-One PC brand, has added an exciting new product to its Wind Box Series. Responding to the global trend towards environmental protection and energy conservation, MSI has launched the Wind Box DC100, which provides outstanding energy-saving capabilities and combines with three main concepts- Small, Simple and Smart to define its product values. The Wind Box DC100 is equipped with the latest AMD Brazos platform E-450 dual-core processor and A50M chipset, ensuring first-class computing performance. Average power consumption is just 40W, compared to 60W for the previous generation products, and representing only around half the power used by most conventional PCs. The Wind Box DC100 supports both of the mainstream output interfaces: VGA and HDMI. It features the AMD Radeon™ HD 6320 discrete class graphics, with output resolution of up to 1080p, and supports DirectX 11 image processing technology, enabling users to enjoy high-definition digital content whatever they want. The MSI proprietary software -Smart Media Link and Smart Sync, utilizing the latest cloud computing technology to create a real-time, synchronous data transmission environment that demonstrate MSI's "Soft Power" from innovative R&D. When in standby mode, the Wind Box DC100 runs extremely quietly – under 22 dB. With its small, slim, chassis, a net weight of only 830 grams, a snow-white exterior and unique “snowboard” style base design, the MSI Wind Box DC 100 perfectly reflects modern taste, and adds a marvelous touch to interior design planning.

Small- And ultra-lightweight PC

The Wind Box DC100 has smooth lines and a slim, lightweight chassis. It is just 191.8 mm (W) × 150.93 mm (H) × 34.94 mm (D) in size, and weighs only around 830 grams. The DC100's unique "snowboard" style base makes it easy to store and move around; this ultra-mini PC is perfect for both home and office use. Tests have confirmed that, in regular operation, the Wind Top DC100 maintains average power consumption that does not exceed 40W, less than half that of most conventional PCs; the DC100 can thus make a significant contribution towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving the planet. The system makes use of MSI proprietary noise reduction technology, which keeps noise down to under 22 dB when in standby mode, making this PC ideal for periods of extended use without disturbing others. The manufacturing process for the Wind Top DC100 conforms to the latest European Union and U.S. environmental directives and certification schemes, and employs non-toxic, recyclable materials, to give users a convenient, healthy user experience.

Simple- Streamlined APU, Performance and Vision altogether

The Wind Box DC100 uses the latest AMD Brazos platform, with built-in AMD Fusion E-450/1.65 GHz APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). It supports a dual-core processor and Radeon™ HD 6320 discrete class graphics performance; the energy consumption of the processor is just 18W. This platform embodies an impressive reduction of both the space needed for the various components, and the power consumption. Besides its outstanding overall processing speed, the AMD E-Series APUs also represent a major step forward in terms of video processing performance, including support for 1080p high-definition video, over 1 billion colors, advanced image error correction, dynamic contrast, color vibrancy adjustments, noise reduction, edge enhancement, etc. The AMD APU also ensures smoother streaming, so that users can enjoy the best possible picture quality, regardless of whether they are watching a high-definition movie, viewing a website that includes Flash animation, watching video content on YouTube, or gaming using the latest DirectX. The Wind Box DC100 has output ports for both the main interface standards (VGA and HDMI), eliminating the need to buy additional components; users can just link the Wind Box DC100 up to their existing display equipment to enjoy wonderful image transmission quality.

Smart- Roaming on the Cloud

The Wind Box DC100 makes use of the latest cloud computing technology, in the form of two sets of "smart" software specially developed by MSI: Smart Media Link and Smart Sync. They are compatible with the Windows 7 operating system and Media Player 11 or more recent versions. All you need to do is have the streaming function switched on in Windows Media Player; you can then make use of MSI's unique synchronization software to select files for synchronizing in an easy-to-use, “smart” user interface. Through Smart Media Link, you can play the multimedia files you have selected simultaneously on different devices in the same LAN or Wi-Fi network, including notebook, desktop PC, mobile phone, tablet PC, and LED TV equipped with DLNA functionality- it would transform your mini PC into a cloud computing "control center." By Smart Sync, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and you can easily synchronize important Outlook contact data, calendar information, photos, music, video content, documents and even website bookmarks with other computers. This function saves you from having to carry files around on a flash drive which entails the risk of data loss or theft, and also saves you time. With Smart Media Link and Smart Sync, MSI brings you an amazing cloud computing experience!

Wind Box DC100 Spec

Operating Systems

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit


AMD Brazos Dual Core E-450 (1.65GHz)


AMD A50M (Hudson M1)

System Memory

DDR3 2GB , 1333 MHz (2G*1)/DDR3 SO-DIMM x 1 slot Max to 4GB


AMD Radeon™ HD 6320 Discrete Class Graphics

Wireless Networking

802.11 b/g/n

Hard Drive

320G2.5" SATA II 5400 rpm


5.1 Channel Audio(SPDI/F adapter)

Audio Chipset

Realtek ALC662


HDMI out *1; VGA out* 1;USB*6 (front*4, rear*2); Front Mic-in/Headphone out*1/1; Line-out*1; SPDIF-out *1; LAN *1

Card Reader

6-in-1(XD, SD ,mini SD ,Micro SD, MMC, MS)


HD (30fps@720p)



TV tuner card

Optional (USB interface)

Wall Mount

Optional (VESA standard)


191.8 X 150.93 X 34.94mm

Full System weight