MSI Debuts 'Dust Removal Tech' with N580GTX Lighting Xtreme Videocard

It's true that heat is the enemy of all PC builders, but dust buildup is its dirty cousin, and neither are welcome guests. Prevent the latter from hanging around and you won't have to worry so much about the former, so long as your cooling scheme is up to par. To help prevent dust bunnies from finding a home in your rig, MSI recently introduced what it's calling 'Dust Removal Technology.'

MSI is implementing this technology into its videocards. Short and to the point, it's basically a fan trick that cranks the fan(s) in reverse at full speed for 30 seconds every time you power on your system. The idea is to blast away unwanted dust and debris that might be clinging to the fan blades and trying to work their way into the heatsink where they can clog airflow and lead to dangerously high temps.

The downside is that it blasts dust into your case, but then again, if the dust was sitting on your videocard's fan blades, it was in your case to begin with. What MSI is doing is trying to preserve the life of your GPU, and the company's Dust Removal Technology is making its debut on MSI's N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition graphics card.

Spec-wise, the N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition sports a 832MHz core clockspeed and 3GB of GDDR5 racing along at 4200MHz on a 384-bit bus. It has two DVI outputs, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort. But it's the Dust Removal Technology that really sets it apart. It blows in reverse, as mentioned, and also changes color based on temps. Using MSI's Smart Temp Sensor Technology, the fan blades change from blue to white to signal high operating temps.

Other notable features include a 16 phase PWM (world's first on a GTX 580, according to MSI), independent memory support, copper MOS with 2x high current capacity, triple overvoltage and triple temp monitor, Military Class II components, and other overclocking friendly bullet points.

No word on price or availability.