MSI Creates Another Big Bang Motherboard

In the beginning, there was Core i7, but the platform was without form and void. And the hardware Gods said, "Let there be SuperSpeed 3.0," and there was USB 3.0. The hardware Gods saw that USB 3.0 was good and said, "Let there be SATA 6Gb/s," and this too was good. But then the scientists at MSI argued the case for the Big Bang theory, not once, but multiple times, most recently resulting in the Big Bang-XPower. But unlike what you may have heard, the creation of Core i7 and MSI's Big Bang concept were not at odds, but were to be united, and enthusiasts took it upon themselves to be fruitful and multiply clockspeeds and have dominion over the overclocking world.

Or something like that. Religious and scientific overtones aside, the point here is that MSI has announced the latest in their line of Big Bang motherboards, and this one is the best yet. In case we were being too subtle, the Big Bang-XPower is built around Intel's X58 chipset, but includes a number of high end features that will have overclockers and power users salivationg. A 16 Phase DrMOS PWM? It has it. What about Hi-c CAPs and an Icy Choke (a new generation of ferrite choke that features low temperature and longer lifespan)? Check and check. The board also comes with an extra 6-pin power connector to give graphics cards a bit of extra juice, so you can go to town on that those dual-card setups.

Every bit the modern motherboard, you'll also find next-gen amenities like USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s. You can run GPUs from different vendors, shove up to 24GB of RAM into your system and, if you wish, sit back and let the board handle overclocking chores without any user intervention.

It's good to be man.