MSI Announces R6870 Hawk with Propeller Blade Technology

MSI wants you to know that its new R6870 Hawk videocard totally blows, but in a good way. The card comes equipped with the Twin Frozr III cooling solution, and according to MSI, it's the world's fastest graphics card to use propeller blade technology. Confused? Let us explain.

"Propeller Blade" technology is essentially MSI's fancy pants way of saying the fans on the heatsink are specially designed to push more air. Grooves on the surface of the fan blades purportedly extend the range of the air flow, resulting in 20 percent more air being pushed over the hot silicon underneath. Compared to the reference design, MSI says you can expect temps to drop by up to 21 degrees.

In typical MSI fashion, the company is also touting "Military Class Components," such as Hi-C capacitors, Super Ferrite Chokes, and all solid caps, the combination of which is supposed to lead to superior overclocking headroom.

The R6870 ships from MSi with a 930MHz core clockspeed and 1024MB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4200MHz on a 256-bit bus. Missing, however, is any word on price or availability.