MSI Announces New 9th Gen Intel Core Desktops, Cases, Graphics Cards And Keyboards For Gamers

At CES MSI announced a bundle of new PCs and tech components targeted at gamers. Among these new products are two desktop PCs, a case, a mechanical keyboard, and a graphics card.

msi Trident X product photo 3D3

"MSI is devoted to gaming and our lineup reaffirms our position as an industry leader endorsed by gamers and eSports teams worldwide," said Charles Chiang, MSI's new global CEO. "We are honored to be recognized by the CES awards panel and will continue to push boundaries to achieve extreme performance, superior design, and maximum reliability."

msi Trident X product photo 3D8
msi Trident X product photo 3D10

Both of the new gaming desktops announced by MSI are described as using a compact form factor, though it's unclear if these will be micro-ATX or mini-ITX systems. One of the cases is branded as the Trident X, which has a case with an internal volume of 10-liters. This system will be quite powerful with an MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card and an unlocked Intel 9th Gen Core processor.

MSI Infinite S 01

The other new desktop is labeled as the Infinite S, which appears to be considerably larger than the Trident X. The Infinite S is equally well equipped, however, as it also will use NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards and unlocked Intel 9th Gen Core processors. The design of this PC was focused on creating a compact and quiet gaming computer, and it utilizes MSi's Silent Storm liquid cooling system.

MSI didn't reveal anything else about these new desktops such as their storage and memory support, but it is notable that both PCs feature RGB LED lights.

7G09A 4 1

The next product introduced by MSI at CES is its Gungnir 100 case, which features a tinted tempered glass panel that is 4mm thick. The case is loaded with 1 to 8 addressable RGB LED hubs that can be controlled with MSI's Mystic Light software, and the case will also be accented by an RGB fan. MSI also made this case highly customizable by allowing people to 3D print customized parts that fit their personal aesthetic taste and add these parts to the chassis.

GTX 2080 TI  GAMING X  TRIO box+card

Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards have been out for a while now, but it's also exciting to look at new graphics cards even if they are based on pre-existing designs. MSI's new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio uses the same Tri-Frozr thermal solution utilized by MSI's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Trio, and therefore looks quite familiar at first glance. This thermal solution has three TORX 3.0 fans that sit on a large heatsink underneath a gunmetal grey enclosure. A brushed metal backplate helps to keep the GPU's rear cool, and the card also has customizable RGB LED lights.

The key difference between these two graphics cards lies in their boosted operating frequency. The Gaming Trio version of the graphics card has a boost clock of 1,635MHz, whereas the Gaming X Trio model has a boost clock of 1,755MHz. This should make the Gaming X Trio card slightly faster than its non-X counterpart straight from the factory. In every other way these cards are identical though.


MSI also is stepping up its efforts in the gaming peripherals market by introducing a new mechanical gaming keyboard labeled as the Vigor GK60. Just one model of this keyboard has been announced so far, which will use Cherry MX Red switches that can last for up to 50 million keystrokes and deliver a smooth linear typing experience. The keyboard is backlit with red LEDs that can be adjusted using MSI's Mystic Light software. It's unclear at this time if MSI intends to release additional versions of this keyboard with different types of switches.

Unfortunately MSI also didn't disclose how much any of these parts would cost, nor did the company say when these parts would become available for purchase on the open market.