MSI Afterburning Overclocking App Lands on iOS

Credit MSI for recognizing that even diehard Windows users are prone to dancing on the dark side every once awhile, and the act of purchasing an iPhone or iPad device isn't necessarily PC heresy. With that in mind, it makes complete sense for MSI to release its free Afterburner overclocking utility for iOS devices.

It's the same app as MSI's Android version, and with it you're able to remotely adjust and/or monitor MSI Afterburner settings on your Windows PC over a Wi-Fi connection. It's a neat way to monitor temps, voltages, and fan speed, and you can also overclock and even overvolt from your iOS device using the free app.

To use it, you must have Afterburner 2.1.0 or above installed on your PC, and it has to be up and running in order to communicate with the mobile app. Step-by-step instructions can be found on the app's landing page in the iTunes Store found here.