MSI Afterburner V2.1.0 Overclocking Utility Now Available for Download

Are the type that would overclock your toaster if it came with a utility that made it easy to do? If so, MSI's looking at you, along with everyone else who has an interest in no-fuss overclocking. MSI just released version 2.1.0 of its Afterburner overclocking software, and while it won't help you toast your bread in under 10 seconds, it does make easy work out of putting your videocard's pedal to the metal.

"The new version of Afterburner not only supports the latest NVIDIA GeForce 500 and AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards but also adds the Predator in-game video capture function. Gamers can now capture all of their most classic moments in their favorite games and share them online using sites like YouTube. Third-party software is now also supported so that gamers can develop their own interface for adjusting their graphic card settings through Afterburner!," MSI said.

It's free, it works with all brands of videocards, and you can download it here.