MSI Adds GT685 Gaming Laptop With GeForce GTX 580M Graphics

MSI introduced its latest gaming laptop in the form of the new generation GT685. This laptop is the first in the company's lineup to feature the Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M discrete graphics card which offers 384 more CUDAs than the previous generation card as well as 2GB GDDR5 of display memory. You'll also find an Intel second generation Core i7 quad core processor, 32G DDR3 of memory, and RAID 0 accelerated dual hard disk architecture in this laptop. An optional SSD hard drive is also available. Other key features include MSI's TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) technology, MSI Cooler Boost, Dynaudio sound, THX TruStudio Pro, and Cinema Pro technology.

All Hail the God of War!
MSI GT685 Gaming Laptop

MSI is rolling out its new generation GT685—the ultimate gaming machine. In addition to featuring the Intel second generation Core™i7 quad core processor, it is the first laptop to sport the nVidia GeForce GTX 580M, the world's fastest discrete graphics card, 32G DDR3 of memory, and accelerated dual hard disk architecture. It comes with Dynaudio and THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound as well as a full HD screen. You'll be impressed by how smoothly online 3D games play and with the edge that your new GT685 gives you against opponents.

Taipei—The machine won the CES 2012 award for product innovation, seen by many as the highest honor of the high tech industry. MSI, where designing high-end record-breaking gaming notebooks is par for the course, will continue to design faster, more powerful notebooks that follow in the tradition of its gaming NBs best epitomized in the MSI GT685. The GT685 utilizes the wildly anticipated nVidia GeForce GTX 580M top-end discrete graphics card which boasts 384 more CUDAs (Compute Unified Device Architecture) than the previous generation with advanced 256 bit broadband and 2GB GDDR5 of display memory. You will be awed by how smooth 3D games run and the new edge you enjoy in battles will help you rack up wins.

Superior display

Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales, MSI Notebook, explains that the battle-ready MSI GT685 features top-of-the-line hardware, including nVidia's GeForce GTX 580M—the most powerful discrete graphics card in any laptop ever, to give you the best display performance out there. Not only did this king of notebooks smash the 3D Mark vantage high resolution test with 16,000 points, it also blasted through the 3,000-point mark in the most stringent 3D Mark 11 test, which meets DirectX 11 standards. These two history-making achievements more than testify to the fact that the MSI GT685 has the most advanced 3D processing capabilities of any NB in the world—more than enough to handle the new generation of exciting 3D games slated to hit the market in 2012.

From strength to strength

nVidia's top-of-the-line GeForce GTX 580M discrete graphics card: The powerful MSI GT685 comes locked and loaded with the nVidia GeForce GTX 580M discrete graphics card which boasts 384 more CUDAs than the previous generation, giving it 256 bit broadband and 2GB GDDR5 of display memory to give it the most advanced hardware in the cosmos. This powerful machine broke previous records on the 3D Mark vantage with 16,000 points. That coupled with the fact that it supports DirectX 11 and nVida PhysX technologies enabled the GT685 to break 3,000 on 3D Mark 11. You will be amazed by the detail in explosions going off all around you, smoke and dust over battlefields, as well as wisps of clouds and rippling water in adventure games.

Optimus overclocking display technology: The nVidia GeForce GTX 580M discrete graphics card is not only the most powerful hardware architecture ever, when the MSI GT685 is processing power-hungry high-resolution 3D images, the Optimus overclocking display technology automatically engages system overclocking for crisper, clearer graphics and more detailed 3D images to give you animation that conveys a sense of speed and vastness as you blaze about the universe. Now, you can do some serious gaming without worrying that your laptop can’t keep up.

Intel 2nd generation Core i7 quad core processor: MSI's GT685 features the Intel second generation Core i7 quad core processor. To kick up performance a few notches, the new generation Intel Core i7 processor supports Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, a technology which automatically allocates processor resources in accordance with processor load, thereby enhancing the core speed of each core to maximize computer performance.

32GB of memory: The new generation MSI GT685 battle-ready gaming laptop comes equipped with four DDR3 memory slots to give you an incredible 32GB of memory. In addition, the RAID 0 accelerated dual hard drive architecture doubles hard drive memory and the optional SSD hard drive instantly increases hard drive read speeds by 70%, more than enough to meet the needs of battle scenes and other complex graphics.

Enjoy blazing speeds, while staying cucumber cool

TDE overclocking: The GT685 incorporates MSI's own TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) technology. Just one touch of the luminescent Turbo hotkey located conveniently above the keyboard fires up overclocking to give you crazy speeds.

Cooler Boost: The GT685 comes with MSI Cooler Boost. Simply depress the hotkey over the keyboard to engage the powerful cooling capabilities, so your system keeps its cool even in the hottest working conditions.

Superior multimedia experience

Dynaudio sound: World-class leaders in sound technology from the Danish firm Dynaudio carried out countless precision calculations and studies to measure the best location and distance between user and laptop speakers to determine the best possible location for speakers. The result: ideal line of transmission for sound waves for pure, crisp, faithful stereo reproduction to give you the perfect, obstruction-free multimedia experience.

THX TruStudio Pro: THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound offers performance heretofore available only in cinemas. It works in tandem with the cutting-edge speakers, so that the GT685 reproduces each and every sound faithfully, regardless of music or sound type.

Cinema Pro: The GT685 laptop features the most advanced multimedia performance available and Cinema Pro technology for the best possible graphics. Prior to watching a film, press the Cinema Pro hotkey to instantly switch to film mode for higher resolution and richer colors for the same great audio experience found in live performances, films, and recording studios. MSI's all-new GT685 is your best choice for serious gaming and for use as a powerful multimedia center.

Full array of HD features: The GT685 is equipped with a full HD 16:9 wide screen that offers bright colors and doesn't have those pesky black strips at the top and bottom of the screen when you watch films. The HD720p webcam allows you to enjoy smooth, bright high fidelity web calls with friends and family. If you want something bigger than a high definition computer screen for viewing films, the MSI GT685 also comes with an HDMI port, so any type of high-fidelity, high-definition video can be played on your NB, but viewed via a cable on a large-screen LCD television screen.

Latest energy-saving technologies

ECO Engine: The GT685 comes with MSI's own ECO Engine, a power-saving technology which allows you to select from among five power management levels—Video Game, Film, Presentation, Word Processing, and Turbo Battery, automatically adjusting display brightness as well as on/off switch, sleep mode, and processor performance settings, maximizing battery flexibility and use per charge.

USB3.0: The MSI GT685 comes with USB3.0 which boasts transfer speeds of 4.8Gbps—10 times faster than USB2.0, and 80% higher power transmission, providing vastly higher data transfer rates and charging speeds for external hard drives, flash drives, and other handheld electronic devices.

i-Charger: MSI GT685 is equipped with MSI's i-Charger technology. More powerful electrical current to the USB speeds up recharging more than three-fold, so that you don't need to spend nearly as much time to get your mobile devices up and running again.

Cool looks

King of gaming laptops: The glowing white characters "MSI" grace the center of the GT685' cover and is set off by the black diamond shape and crimson trim. The palm rest areas have a stylish rhombic pattern and the touchpad is bordered in nickel-plated trim. The chassis is sheathed in MSI's own color film print which not only gives the GT685 a subtle luster, but protects it from scratching and wear to keeps it looking nice. The GT685 has an independent chiclet keyboard to help keep you from hitting the wrong keys and to give you a nice, solid touch whether you're typing a letter or slaying orcs.

Light and sound show: The GT685 has another cool feature—a one-of-a-kind LED light show. So whether you're listening to music or engrossed in an exciting, fast-paced game, just press the MSI LED light show hotkey and lights embedded on either side of the notebook and in front of your keyboard will pulsate in sync with sounds emitted by your laptop, kicking the thrill level up a few notches.

MSI GT685 Specs

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor(6M Cache, 2.00 GHz)
Operating System
Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate
Genuine Windows 7 Professional
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium

DDR3, support up to 32GB
15.6" Full HD (1920x1080)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M / 2GB GDDR5
Video Output
1x HDMI, 1x VGA
Hard Disk Drive
1.5TB/1TB/640GB 7200rpm, Intel SSD optional
Optical Disk Drive
Blu-ray / DVD Super Multi
2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA, SD(XC/HC)/MMC/MS(PRO)/xD card reader
2.1ch speakers, Sound by Dynaudio, THX TruStudio Pro
802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, 1x Gigabit LAN
HD (30fps@720p)
9-Cell Li-Ion(7800mAH)
Dimension (WxDxH)
395 x 267 x 55mm
3.5Kg (w/ Battery)
Other Features
TDE (Turbo Drive Engine), Dynamic LED effect, Cooler Boost