MS to Shut Down Worker's Non-WinMo Data Plans

We've heard before that Bill Gates' children can't get iPhones or iPods. Now Microsoft, in a move said to be cost-cutting, yet which will appear as somewhat sour grapes, is apparently cutting off the data plans of MS folks who are not using WinMo devices.

In the past, Microsoft has paid for the data plans for the personal smartphones of MS employees, but they will no longer be doing so for iPhones, BlackBerrys, Palm Pres and other non-WinMo platform smartphones, even if the phones are used primarily for business, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

Apparently the change took place earlier this year, but only hit the news via SAI.

In reality, none of this should be a shock. Why should Microsoft support products from other companies? In fact, it takes a little bit of gumption to ask your boss to pay for a competitor.

Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't supposed to be anything all that great. Here's hoping WinMo 7 is worth adopting (not that it will pull me away from my iPhone 3G S).