MS KB Articles Get a "Fix It" Button

Microsoft has quietly begun adding Fix-it buttons to some of their Knowledge Base articles. The Fix-it buttons run a script which will automatically fix the problem associated in the KB article, according to a Beyond Binary report.

There are only a limited number of KB articles which have such a button; around 100 or so. But assuming you trust Microsoft's scripting abilities, it's a lot easier than having to edit the registry or some such other mundane Windows activity manually.

Here's one example: if the Internet Explorer icon disappears from your desktop.

"If we know what those 15 steps are why shouldn't we just script it," Lori Brownell, Microsoft's general manager of product quality and online support, told Ina Fried.

Yes, and we've only been suggesting such a process for years. Microsoft's built-up such a huge KB, it's going back through them to see which ones are scriptable, and that's going to take some time.

But at least they're doing it.