MPJ-104WCE Pico Projector Reads Office Files On Its Own

Pico projectors are a dime a dozen these days, and most of them aren't too different from any other. Most are small enough to slip inside a pocket, and most have native resolutions of just 640x480. Most require a reasonably dark room to perform, and some of them have internal batteries to give users some flexibility away from the AC outlet. That said, we're glad to see someone stepping up and taking the sector to the next level.

The MPJ-104WCE is believed to be the world's first pico projector with Windows CE embedded, which doesn't sound like something that's worth mentioning. However, the LCoS-based device is able to open Office files (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) on its own thanks to the integrated operating system, meaning that no PC connection is required in order to open basic documents. This is a real boon for traveling presenters, and the 4GB of internal memory leaves room to store your most popular presentations onboard.

Other specifications include a 400MHz ARM9 processor, mobile phone control, two 0.5W speakers and a size of 138.5x58.5x25mm. The only problem is the high price, which currently sits at ¥64,000 over in Japan (or around $736).