Mozilla's Getting To Work On Porting Firefox OS To The Raspberry Pi

Despite having been available on the market for over two-and-a-half years, it seems like the hype surrounding the Raspberry Pi has waned very little. Every once in a while, we'll be reminded of just how cool and capable the micro-PC is, with one example coming to us just last week, with the announcement that an official touchscreen is on its way.

Now, we learn that Mozilla has some big plans for the RPi. With the most recent MozFest having just concluded, Mozilla is shifting some of its gears towards getting its Firefox OS ported to the Raspberry Pi. Obviously, the RPi isn't void of quality OS options, but with a name like Mozilla backing this one, it has a good chance of being well-received.

Ultimately, Mozilla has a couple of major goals for this Firefox OS port. At the forefront, it needs to perform just as well as competing OSes for the platform, especially with regards to media and development performance. Also, the OS will have the ability to read sensors, control motors, use slave boards, and so forth. There will also be a special version of "Fx OS" that will allow people to control drones from their RPi.

Dubbed "PiFxOS", there's no telling just when this OS will be released, but a list of "sprints" at the link below will help clue you into how the entire development process will play out. What's quite amazing to me is that the RPi hasn't had its hardware upgraded since its release, but despite that, open-source powerhouses like Mozilla still see it as a great platform to develop its brand-new OS on. That's really something.