Mozilla Launches First Firefox Mobile Test Pilot With Notes And Lockbox Password Manager

Mozilla introduced its Test Pilot program to allow users to test experimental features on the desktop version of its Firefox web browser. Mozilla is now expanding Test Pilot to the mobile space with Firefox Lockbox and Firefox Notes.

Both Lockbox and Notes are standalone mobile apps and are capable of syncing with their desktop Firefox counterparts. Lockbox is a password manager that helps you manage all of your online accounts. Given that Lockbox can sync between your desktop and your smartphone, you'll never have to worry about remembering a password you created on your laptop when trying to access a particular website on your iPhone (and vice versa). 

"This means you can use any password you’ve saved in the browser to log into any online account like your Twitter or Instagram app," writes Mozilla. "No need to open a web page. It’s that seamless and simple. Plus, you can also use Face ID and Fingerprint touch to unlock the app, so you can safely access your accounts."

Firefox Lockbox is currently available for the iOS platform.

firefox notes

Notes, on the other hand, should be pretty self-explanatory given its name. Notes allows you to jot down quick text on your desktop computer (for example, a grocery list) and then access those notes on-the-go from your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. Notes uses end-to-end encryption and will sync to any Android device (sorry, iOS users). 

To enable to the desktop-to-mobile aspects of Lockbox and Notes, you will have to enable both extensions on your PC and use a Firefox Account and Firefox Sync. You can access the Firefox Test Pilot program right here.