Mozilla Firefox Heads To iOS, Delivers Intelligent Search, Private Browsing

Firefox has found new ground to run wild in. That ground is iOS, the mobile operating system for Apple devices, which opens Firefox up to a new audience of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users who take the time to download the Mozilla's browser from the App Store. It joins Chrome, though not Internet Explorer (or Edge) as popular alternatives to Safari on Apple's platform.

Firefox users will find a set of familiar features on the version Mozilla ported to iOS. It includes the ability to sync Firefox accounts so that things like bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, and other information stays consistent across multiple devices.

Mozilla Firefox for iOS

Other notable features include Private Browsing for, uh, shopping birthday gifts on the sly (that is what you use Private Browsing mode for, right?), search suggestions to predict what you're looking for, Visual Tabs that make it easier to manage multiple tabs on the same screen, and easy access shortcuts to search providers.

This is the first time Firefox has made an appearance on iOS.

"I hope you enjoy the first ever release of Firefox for iOS, and expect to see much more from us soon as we are going full speed ahead on continuously delivering new features. I’m proud of the team for getting us to where we are today and excited about where we’ll be in the future," Mozilla stated in a blog post.

You can download Firefox for iOS free of charge from the App Store/iTunes.