Moving a Beginner to Linux

Have an old machine sitting around, just waiting to have new life breathed into it? Linux could be the new life it's looking for. XYZ Computing covers a beginner's move to the penguin OS, which isn't exactly a "HOWTO" guide, but rather the thoughts and observations relayed through the writer's personal experience.

"This article goes over one person's experience when moving computer beginners from Windows to Linux. This is not always a smooth transition, but this this case a computer which was barely working was salvaged and there was an easy switch from one operating system to the next. Casual computer users almost always use Windows but the article observes that they could just as easily be using a Linux distribution, which would save money and extend the life of their computer, while avoiding many of the security hazards to which new users are most vulnerable."
Tags:  Linux, Ovi, UX