Mougg Puts Your Music in the Cloud

Mougg is the latest cloud-based streaming music service that helps you get your music from Point A to Point B without the need for an MP3 player, USB thumb stick, external hard drive, or anything else on your part. That's because Mougg stores your music on its own servers, which you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

It doesn't cost anything to use Mougg, you just quickly create an account (provide your name and email address and you're off and running) and begin uploading songs, up to 1GB. You can queue up to 50 songs to upload at a time, which is a pretty neat way to get your favorites online, that collection of comforting songs you always find yourself coming back to.

Once uploaded, the Web interface acts like a basic media player with the ability to create playlists, pause and play songs, and skip ahead or back to previous tracks, as well as loop and randomize your songs. There's also some light social networking baked in -- with the click of a button, you can post to Twitter or Facebook what song you're listening to.

And that's really all there is to it. Mougg is simple, convenient, and best of all it's free. It's also somewhat limited in that you can only upload 1GB of your massive MP3 library (mSpot allows GB), and it doesn't recognize file formats like FLAC, though it does play back .m4a files. There's an Android app already available so you can tap into your favs through your swank smartphone, and Mougg tells us they plan to have an iPhone app available very soon.

Intrigued? Give it a test run here and then tell us what you think.