Moto X In The Wild? Google's Schmidt Steps Out With Mystery Motorola Device

Well, what do we have here? According to Google's own Eric Schmidt, it could very well be the famed Motorola X. A few months ago, we learned that Motorola, now fully under Google's stewardship, would be launching its first flagship Android phone since the acquisition. The company has a lot riding on this device. With a new iPhone anticipated for the fall and the Galaxy S4 selling like hotcakes globally, the mobile market is as competitive as it has ever been at the top end.

The Motorola X, presumably shown here as Schmidt visits other tech moguls at the Sun Valley conference in Idaho, will also be made in the United States and be customizable to some degree once it goes on sale to the public in October. While this may only be a prototype, it honestly shares a lot with the design of the HTC One -- a slightly tapered backside and a prominent camera sensor up top. 

Either way, it's a lovely looking phone, and if Motorola can make it equally impressive on the inside, we may finally see the first phone from Moto since the RAZR that takes the world by storm.