Moto X Developer Edition Shipping Soon With Unlockable Bootloader

Well, here's one way to get the hardcore techies interested in a mid-range device. The Moto X wasn't quite the do-all flagship that many had hoped for, and while it may rival the iPhone in some ways, it's certainly not a hero device in terms of internal specifications. That being said, there's one more reason that may have hackers and tinkerers considering a purchase.

Days after the device went on sale at a number of carriers, the official Motorola product page is now listing a Developer Edition. Dev Edition phones in the Android world aren't entirely novel; plenty of Samsung and HTC Android smartphones have been offered in this form before. But this is proof that Google understands what techies want. The listing says that the Moto X Developer Edition "will have a look all its own," and it'll only be offered in a 32GB size. Plus, there will be an unlockable bootloader, allowing custom ROMs and Android skins to be installed at one's will.

There's no word on a price, nor if one phone will support all LTE bands, but it's worth keeping an eye on in the weeks ahead.