MotionDSP GPU-Powered Technology Tells Friend From Foe

Being absorbed in the consumer tech world, it's easy to overlook some of the more far-reaching things that companies like NVIDIA do on a daily basis. They build GPU supercomputers to handle things our puny Alienwares could never dream of, and wilder still, they assist in battlefield operations. It is definitely not the first thing you may think of when pondering what's next from NVIDIA, but the company that could be powering the graphics in your notebook or desktop is also putting their technology to use in more sophisticated matters.

The U.S. military recently turned to MotionDSP’s GPU-powered technology to allow them to distinguish friend from foe on the battlefield. The company is using a piece of software known as Ikena ISR software, using NVIDIA's CUDA and and sophisticated multi-frame algorithms to clean up grainy, shaky video in real-time. Now in use by the Air Force, Navy, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and law enforcement agencies around the world, Ikena ISR relies on GPUs for real-time processing.

NVIDIA recently took a trip over to the company to have a talk with their CEO, and to see this technology in action. And thankfully for you, the whole thing was captured on video.

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