Most Robocalls to End Tuesday

The end of automated telemarketing calls (for the most part) comes on Tuesday, Sept. 1st. Starting that day, unless telemarketers have received written permission from a consumer that he or she wants to receive such calls, the FTC can fine the robocaller up to $16,000 per call.

Finally, we will be rid of our favorite, the one that makes us want to tear our hair out. We're sure you've gotten one of these (or maybe not):
This is the second notice that the factory warranty on your vehicle is expiring ...
Or something like that. That is so annoying, since we never got a first warning, and since we know my warranty is not about to expire.

At any rate, prior to this ban, consumers had to specifically join a do-not-call list to avoid telemarketing calls. You'll remember that, I'm sure. After Sept. 1, consumers shouldn’t get most of the prerecorded calls anymore.

Ah, but wait. This ban is specific to robocalls. You can still get calls from live representatives. You have to sign up for the National Do-No-Call List to avoid those.

And those of you foolish enough to embroil yourself in a few different things, such as politics and charities can still get robocalls. Other exceptions include calls not trying to sell goods and services, such as those that provide information like flight cancellations, delivery notices, debt collectors, survey calls, and certain healthcare messages such as prescription notifications.

One thing the FTC will need is your help if you get a robocall. If you do get one, you can file a complaint online through or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP. “If consumers think they’re being harassed by robocallers, they need to let us know, and we will go after them,” FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said.