Most DDoS Attacks Originate From China, Says Report

A company that protects against DDoS attacks, Prolexic Technologies, released its attack report for Q3 2011. There’s a lot to the report, including that Prolexic mitigated what it claims is the largest event in 2011 (in terms of packet-per-second volume). That attack occurred between November 5-12 and, according to Prolexic, portends the increasing scale and complexity of DDoS attacks.

Indeed, the report shows that DDoS attacks are increasing in terms of bandwidth (up 66% from Q3 2010) and packets-per-second, which is up nearly four-fold from the same time period a year ago.

What is perhaps most notable, however, is where the attacks are coming from. The report found that China was the biggest offender, responsible for over half (55%) of all DDoS attacks. For perspective, number two on the list is India, with 8.69% of the attacks.

Further, China is responsible for most of the botnets being sent out; it’s the country of origin for the two largest ASNs. One accounts for 43.88% of them, and the other 21.79%. Again, for perspective, the third-largest botnet is from Turkey and gobbles up just 9%.

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