Morning Sickness? Male Sims Are Winding Up Pregnant In ‘Sims 4’

There are several different contraptions designed to allow men to simulate what it's like being pregnant, but as most women will attest, none of them truly duplicate the experience. That's especially true when it comes to the act of child birth -- we're just not equipped for such things. However, that hasn't stopped male characters in The Sims 4 from getting pregnant.

The quirky phenomenon appears to be an unintended side effect of the The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack. It's one of the more hilarious bugs the add-on brings to the game, and it has some Sims players intentionally trying to get their male characters to have a bump in their bellies, and not the kind that comes from consuming too much beer.

Pregnant Man Sims 4
Image Source: The Sims Forum (Ceres_Meiriona)

How is this possible? Blame those pesky extra-terrestrials! One of the features the Get to Work expansion pack adds is alien abductions, and there seems to be a connection there. To make matters worse, the developers were a bit aggressive in setting the frequency of alien abductions, which in turn led to more than just a few male pregnancies.

"My household was living in the new town when it happened. The female Sim in my household was abducted, tried for baby with the husband, and now EVERY TIME they try for baby - both of them end up pregnant. Not sure if it's a bug or what, but it surprised me when it happened the second time," a Sims 4 player wrote on EA's forum.

Sims 4 Babies and Men
Image Source: (Lyric)

The Sims developers released a patch that dialed back the number abductions and supposedly did away with male pregnancies, or so they tried. Post patch, users are now reporting that males are getting pregnant without being abducted.

At least with this bug, far more gamers are laughing than complaining.