More XP SP3 Problems

XP SP3 has suffered a few post-release compatibility issues, the latest of which impacts users with a Windows Home Server on their network:

“Windows XP users running Windows Home Server, Microsoft's home storage and local networking server, report that SP3 is cutting off their access to the server from their PCs. The remote desktop access feature would ask users to add their home server's Web site address in order to access it even after they already had, users reported.”?

Luckily there is already a workaround. Users need only enable the Terminal Services ActiveX control and the situation should be resolved.  This certainly isn't the ideal solution, and could potentially compromise your PC's security.

With the campaign to keep Windows XP alive, one has to wonder if glitches like this were a product of a less than complete testing cycle. If customers began viewing XP as less than rock-solid, they might be willing to take another look at Vista.
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