More Next-Gen iPhone Rumors Highlight 'Cameras'

If you thought the iPhone rumors would die down awhile after hearing that the next version may wind up with 802.11n support, you thought wrong. A new report from Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes has fueled the raging fire further, asserting that Apple looks to be shoring up iPhone 3Gs to sell off before the introducing of something new in June.

For those somewhat out of the loop, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is slated to take place in early June, and it was this very event last year which saw the introduction of the current iPhone 3G. While we'd suggest taking everything this guy says with a pinch of salt, he's forecasting a "robust new product cycle for iPhones," not to mention suggesting that the next iPhone will include "upgraded cameras, new software, better e-mail and improved security." That not enough for you? He also points out that the "new camera could include video capabilities, including possibly a front-facing camera for video chat."

Like we said, there's no telling just how solid (or soft) this data really is, but at least we've got someone to throw darts at if only 40% of this comes true.
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