More Leaks on Galaxy Tab: Verizon and Sprint Dates

An earlier leak on the release date for the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab has been joined by another leak for its siblings, the Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Tabs.  These 7" Android tablets are set to launch on the 4 major US carriers, but so far official details have been scarce.

Our source received his info from the hardware manufacturer itself, not from the carriers, so there may be some changes.  In fact, based on what usually happens with these devices, change is a matter of course.  For the time being anyway, the best information we have, and the source is pretty sure of these dates, is that the Verizon Galaxy Tab will launch 11/11, while the Sprint version will launch 11/28.

It's unclear if the carriers are talking to each other, however.  With the T-Mobile version launched 11/10, we're wondering if these carriers (T-Mobile and Verizon) know just how close these dates are to each other, and if they will adjust them.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7" tablet that Samsung feels is a genuine, if not iPad-killer, iPad rival.  The device sports a 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, just as its smaller Galaxy S cousin, and will run Froyo from launch, meaning it will have access to Flash, as well.  And yes, it will indeed ship with the Android Market.

It's unclear how the carriers will differentiate their versions.  Likely it will be in their data plans or perhaps apps on the devices.  Thus far, leaked pricing seems to align between the carriers, so that's not going to be the differentiating factor.  Of course, it could be said that those looking at these devices will probably want to examine just how good coverage is in their area, and that could be a prime factor, as well.