More Kindle Fire 2 Details Emerge

Talk of a Kindle Fire update is picking up steam, with an NPD DisplaySearch analyst pointing to Amazon's supply chain as evidence of a possible refresh. According to CNET, which spoke to DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, the Kindle Fire 2 will likely retain its 7-inch screen size - at least, for now. An 8.9-inch model is reportedly in the works, but the rumors of a 10.1-inch screen are fading fast in light of today's news.

While there's no word yet on what processor will power the Kindle Fire 2, it looks as though the Kindle Fire 2 may be available in three 7-inch models. One is expected to have a 1,280x600 display and lack a camera, while the other two models will have a 1,280x800 display and feature a camera. What sets those two models apart? One of them could have 4G connectivity.

Interestingly, Shim seems to expect the Kindle Fire 2's arrival in August, rather than late July, leading us to wonder if the tablet will launch on or near the 31st, with availability in August. And the 8.9-inch model (if one is actually planned) isn't expected until September-ish. That model's display is expected to be 1,900x1,200.