More Details about AMD's Griffin Emerge

The Inquirer has an interesting article posted today regarding AMD's upcoming Griffin mobile processor. When the news about Griffin and Puma broke a couple of weeks ago, there weren't many details available about the architecture and design of the new CPU, but The Inquirer has since uncovered some information that paints a more complete picture.
"Griffin has DDR2 and HT3 both of which Barcelona can do. On the surface, it looks like Griffin is the K8 cores with the Barcelon uncore bits. That is not correct. The new uncore parts hit many of the same checkboxes that Barcelona does, but they are independent projects, the bulk of Barcelona was done is Austin while most of Griffin was created in Boxborough.

The reason for this was pointed out by Griffin architect Maurice Steinman - you don't want to pay for performance you don't need in a laptop CPU. There are obvious parts to this philosophy and some very non-obvious tradeoffs."

There are a number of other details in the article as well, including information about A0 silicon hitting AMD's test labs on a Friday and booting Windows by that Sunday.
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