Moov Now Fitness Band To Put The Smackdown On Fitbit With Cutting-Edge Features, Battery Life

We can't deny that the wearable fitness tracker market is already congested. It probably jumped the shark after Razer -- a company known primarily for PC gaming accessories and bleeding edge notebooks -- joined the likes of Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit with the Razer Nabu Smartband. But after checking out the feature set and radically different design of the just-announced Moov Now, we think you'll agree there's room for one more. Especially at the absurdly affordable price of $59.99 if you pre-order it before it launches this fall. 

moov now collection

At its core, Moov Now is an activity tracker for athletes or those of us wanting to get in shape and shed a few pounds. It counts reps for you. It has a 9-axis motion sensor which analyzes your presence in 3D space. It's water proof. For walkers and runners it tracks HIIT training, cadence, pace, impact, range of motion, distance, elevation, calories burned, and even supports a variety of heartrate monitors. All the relevant stats swimmers want like stroke count, stroke rate, distance per stroke, turn time? That's all here too. 

The Moov Now basically tracks all kinds of stuff. Cardio boxing? Total Body workouts? Cycling? Check. And the band's ability to track your wrist (or your ankle) in 3D space adds a new level of immersion and data in a wide range of activities. 

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One of the features that really caught my eye was coaching. The Moov Now verbally coaches you as you work out by analyzing your form and suggesting improvements in real time. Imagine you're out for a training run. The company promises that their tracker delivers analysis and real-time coaching that competing devices can't. Moov Now will try to minimize the risk of injury by saying things like "Your impact is too high. Land softer." Or you're facing a tough climb on your bike, the device will encourage you by saying "This is your steepest incline yet. You can do it." As you can see in the video, the coaching voice itself thankfully leans more human than it does robotic. 

Oh, and it has a whopping 6-month battery life. 

I've personally bounced between a Garmin Fenix 3 and a Fitbit Surge the last few months, and as reliable as those devices are, charging them once every 3 or 4 days is a sad reality. There have been too many instances when I'm set to go hiking, for example, only to discover my wearable needs to be charged up first. Would you rather go through the ritual of charging your fitness tracker weekly (or even daily -- we're looking at you Apple Watch), or replace a dirt cheap CR2032 watch battery every six months? I'll gladly take the latter. 

Another distinguishing trait is the Moov Now's appearance, replete with holes that add breathability. According to the company this makes it much more comfortable than its predecessor. And the added comfort is why they added sleep tracking to the list of bullet points. 

The best wearables are devices that augment your life but also allow you to forget about them completely. I can't stress this enough: The Moov Now sounds like an affordable fitness tracker that you never have to take off thanks to its water proof rating and marathon battery life. And as you'd expect it has a companion app for both iOS and Android.

Moov Now's retail price will be $99, but it's available for pre-order now at $59.99. You can learn more at the official site