Monster Sized iPhone Dock Weighs 700 Pounds, 10K Watts - Costs 30 Grand!

Everything in moderation, right? Don't go spouting off such nonsense to the insane folks at German audio equipment maker Behringer, who just pimp-slapped the consumer market with the iNuke Boom. What is it, you ask? Only the loudest iPod and iPhone dock in the world, not to mention the heaviest at 700 pounds, and the most expensive at $29,999.99. A penny more and it would have been a deal breaker.

Behringer's monster sized speaker system measures 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall, which is bigger than Shaq when he lays down. It needs to be that big, because how else are you going to pump out over 10,000 watts of power?

There's a reason other than sheer insanity for releasing the iNuke Boom. It's to kick off the launch of Behringer's Eurosound consumer electronics brand, which aims to offer "concert quality sound at an amazing value." Even we have a hard time keeping a straight face talking about "amazing value" and a $30K speaker dock, but hey, it is what it is.

"When I started Behringer 22 years ago my goal was to provide musicians with high quality equipment at an affordable price," said Uli Behringer, founder and CEO of Music Group LLC. "With the launch of Eurosound we are challenging ourselves to share the incredible sound and quality we have worked to so hard to craft over the last two decades with all music and audio enthusiasts."

So anyway, if any HotHardware readers are looking for some last minute gift ideas for your favorite tech site, here you go.