Modding the Wii While It's Still In The Box

Well, no one's shot one another over a Wii yet, but it's still early. The media might run out of Playstation 3 horror stories, so you never know. Nintendo's new Wii gaming platform launch  is kind of flying under the radar. But it's cheap, and new, and innovative. And you can buy add-ons for its motion sensing "Wii-mote" controller already.

Nintendo wants you to hold the motion sensing controller, lovingly dubbed the 'Wii-mote', in your hands to control your bat, racquet, club, steering wheel or more. But along with the launch of the Wii in the US has come a range of Wii-mote add-ons that are so cool and affordable, you'll want them for the novelty value if nothing else. There's a Sports Pack, a Racing Wheel, a Controller Grip and Silicon covers for the Wii-mote to simulate real sports action, protect your Wii-mote and hold it more comfortably, all while retaining access to the rear trigger button.

A Playstation 3 could probably run a antiballistic missile system and a hundred water departments with its great big brain. A Wii and all the little game add-ons -- look like... fun.

You remember fun, don't you?

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