Modder Ports Android to iPhone 3G

At least until iPhone OS 4 ships, probably the single biggest complaint with Apple's smartphone is its inability to multitask. That will change in the coming months, and so too will several other shortcomings be addressed (like managing apps with Folders), but if you just can't shake that Android-envy on your new iPhone 3G, you're not completely out of luck. David Wang, better known as "planetbeing," has ported Google's increasingly popular Android platform over to the latest iPhone.

Within a few days, Wang will have put together packaged binaries and instructions for 3G owners to follow in his footsteps, and when he does, you'll be able to use the Android OS to do everything from download/install/run apps from the Android Market, to sending and receiving text messages. In addition, Wang said there have been a few improvements since the original port designed for the regular iPhone, including an improved Wi-Fi driver and an Android icon added to the boot menu.

There isn't any audio support yet, but Wang promises to address this issue within the next few days. You can also expect better power management and backlight control by the time this is ready for mass consumption. In the meantime, check out Wang's YouTube video below.