Mobility X1600 Coming...

Fudo reports that ATI is preparing to release a new mainstream notebook GPU based on its new RV530 design. With solid performance and reasonable power draw, this could very well end up being a very lucrative solution for the daily notebook user. No word yet on actual availability of specific vendor partnerships. However, you can be sure this card won't be hard to find in a handful of offerings from the usual suspects.

It will be powerful enough to provide you very good performance in this notebook segment and it has all you need for high end games. M56, Mobility Radeon X1600 of course supports all the features of Shader Model 3.0 and we heard that the power consumption of the chip will be very good. ATI already won some thirty OEM designs and will go live with this any day now. We know that M56 is a killer part in this market segment. Its power consumption is very favourable as it is built on a 90 nanometres process and it won't mean that twelve pipelines in the notebook have to burn your hand and warm the whole keyboard. At least we hope so.
Tags:  Mobility, x1, x16, COM